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Jess Thornton

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Attended Michiana Beauty College
in Mishawaka, IN
How long have you been behind the chair... 
Since 2019
Favorite Service... blonding
What inspires me as a stylist... The instant gratification that comes after a service and seeing clients light up with happiness.
Outside of the salon I love to... I love being outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and sports. Being outside makes me happy but i'm also a "girly girl". Love being a mommy to my twin boys and daughter.
Enneagram 8 - Eights are energetic and direct.
This type is not shy when it comes to taking the lead and making tough decisions. They have no fear of conflict and they are not always concerned with limits or boundaries. They typically take charge during group projects or meetings and find themselves at ease in leadership positions.
Schedule: Mon 9-4, Tues, Wed 9-6

Some of Jess's work...

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