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A Little Color Never Hurt Anybody

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Let's lighten the mood here, after yesterday's post.

Tomorrow I get my hair done!

It will be the first time my assistant Cassidy is doing my full NBR move up since I took her to get certified in November. I feel like a proud mama, my right hand girl is growing up!

Second, it also means goodbye to the pastel pink.

I am no expert in fashion colors, but let me share a secret. The pink highlights in my hair were from a tinted shampoo.

I used a line called Celeb Luxury Viral Shampoo. They make tinted shampoos in a variety of colors.

You shampoo your hair with it and it will stain the lighter, blonde pieces in your hair. It is temporary and washes out after a few washes.

Its something fun and satisfies my impetuous desire for change, without damaging my hair.

A couple other lines like this I have heard of but not personally tried are Overtone, and the Kristen Ess temporary color.

Would you ever try something like this?

If you'd like more information on the NBR extension method or to schedule an appointment, fill out my application and we will contact you for a complimentary consult to answer all your questions.

Have a great day, make it matter.

with love


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