• Amy

Bob Dylan; Still Sitting On the Floor

I can’t remember which holiday it was. Christmas, a birthday, probably our anniversary. You see, I’m a terrible gift giver when put on the spot, like for birthdays and Christmas it’s so hard for me to give a good gift! Yet throughout the year, I love the rush and the surprise of bringing home something special and totally unexpected for someone I love.

This usually has me feeling guilty come gift giving holidays when I fall short and forget a gift. I know. I’m the worst.

I remember one holiday I really wanted to do something sweet and thoughtful for my husband, Brian.

We used to hang out in smoky little dive bars. This was before babies and jobs we actually wanted to keep. We would sleep in the next morning and my hair would smell horrid, like a stale ashtray.

But the thing about these little dives is they always had a jukebox, or Brian’s fave, Touch Tunes. You can buy a bunch of credits right from your phone and play whatever music you want, without having to get up, and even pay extra to play your music befofe the shitty music the dude 3 tables over is playing.

Brian always used to play “Wedding Song” by Bob Dylan. Music is one of the ways he shows me love, because he loves music so much.

So this brings me back to the gift giving. One anniversary I had a plan. I was gonna kill it.

I purchased the