• Amy


Hey y’all, so many exciting things happening!

If you’ve been with us for longer than a month, you’ve probably heard us talk about our new salon. I signed the contract in August 2020 with promises of it being finished by December 2020. It's now June, almost a full year later and the lease is up at Sola, our current location.

We’re still waiting on quite a few things to be finished at the new Salon, but let's be honest......there’s some sketchy things going on at the mall and we are ready to distance ourselves from it ASAP.

If you ignore the unfinished parts of the salon, and give us some grace as we try to remember where we put everything, we’d love to invite you to join us for your appointment at our new space, 15615 SR 23 Suite C Granger, IN 46530.

The plaza is new, and our signage isn’t actually up yet. We’re like a speakeasy from the prohibition era, except instead of booze you can get really good hair....(and as soon as we get our fridge you can get booze too🤪)

But back to business, there’s nothing to indicate our space, except for the tiny “Suite C” on our front glass window. We are near the center corner, to the left of Align.

Next up on the agenda....to celebrate this gorgeous space we’re in we are doing a major sale on HAIR.

From now until the end of June, you can purchase hair for 20% off and keep it on your file until you’re ready to use. The minimum amount to order is 6 wefts and there is no max, but it must be used by the end of this calendar year, and is not transferable to other clients.

Not sure how much hair you need?

You probably have 1-3 rows.

Each full row is 5-8 wefts.

Each mini row is 2-4 wefts.

Typically you need 12-13 wefts for 2 rows, but you don’t have to get all new hair at once.

If you’re currently darker and wanting to go lighter, you’ll need some lighter extension hair. If your hair is old and starting to thin out, you can add wefts to plump it back up.

Confused yet? If you’re not sure what you need, shoot us a text at 574-575-2981 and your stylist will make a recommendation.