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It’s Still Soggy Airport Oatmeal

I just finished up a week in Huntington Beach, California. While I was out there I was a pod leader, leading 10 out of 350 stylists to learn the methodology of Natural Beaded Rows.

I’ve been doing NBRs since January 2015, because helping women find that sort of confidence in themselves and making someone else feel beautiful fills my cup daily.

So I’m sitting here at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, exhausted from a week of very long, emotionally draining days.

Im starving, but I don’t want greasy airport diner breakfast, so I order the oatmeal from Ruby’s diner, near gate 8.

Has anyone ordered oatmeal from a diner? It’s not great. It’s not even good. Nothing against Ruby. I’m sure her burgers are fantastic.

Diner oatmeal is soggy yet somehow taste dry and stale. To make up for the lack of flavor, they serve it with a freaking CUP of brown sugar. Who needs this much sugar?! Do people actually use this much? Its still shitty oatmeal, just with a bunch of sugar.

This is how I feel about some extensions I see. just because you add some extension hair doesn’t mean it looks good.

The color blend has to be spot on. The extensions have to be cut into in order to blend with your natural hair. The placement determines if the hair moves or if it just lays like a curtain, as well as if it can be pulled up seamlessly. Enough hair has to be added to match your density. So much more goes into it.

So many times I see bad extensions and it makes me cringe.

If your interested in Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions, and not soggy oatmeal, click here for more info


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