• Amy

My Naked Kitchen Table

So, my husband and I started our marriage in a 5 bedroom 2,800 sq foot home. At first I loved it, all 5 bedroom closets were mine😍.

After we had our son, Redford, and he started walking we realized this house wasn’t working for us. It was actually too big. I didn’t know that was even a possibility.

So we decided to downsize. We moved this past May, sold a ton of our old stuff and we are now in a 2 bedroom 1,100 sq foot apartment that I currently adore. Half the space = half the mess.

When we moved in to this apartment we literally had no furniture. My husband kept going to Target (he likes to shop way more than I do). He kept coming home with those cheap particle board cube organizers and big plastic 3 drawer storage units. This was his solution. Cheap Target furniture was driving me insane.

I couldn’t just run to a local furniture store and buy some randomness. Which is why my kitchen table is still pretty naked. We bought it from West Elm and I love it, but we don’t use it. We still haven’t ordered chairs for it.

I know, that sounds so stupid, but my thinking is, I’d rather have it done right or not done at all. I’d rather have no chairs while I search than ones I hate.

So, I finally found chairs. Ordering them right after I post this.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in extensions, I urge you to do your research, ask questions. Don’t just buy the particle board version. Invest in the method that gives you everything you want.