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The NBR Process

Maybe you've seen some of my before and after photos on IG or Facebook. Maybe you have been researching the best types of extensions for your hair. Now that you are here, let me share a little more information about the process of getting Natural Beaded Rows in your hair.

First, it starts with the application. Women are scared or turned off by this word. Don't be. We can call it a questionaire. This questionnaire is for me to learn more about your hair type as well as your past experience with extensions, if any. I also ask you to send me photos of your current hair as well as any inspiration photos you want to share for color or length.

These photos help me determine if you're a good candidate for NBRs. For example if you currently have a super stacked bob, with layers 2-3 inches long in the back, and you're dead set on hair past your boobs, you're probably not a good candidate quite yet. I want to make sure your goals are realistic and I also want to make sure we're a good client/stylist match. I don't do all types of colors. I don't do fashion colors or deal with henna or metallic dyes. This ensures I can deliver my best work and that we're on the same page with your hair goals.

After we receive your application or questionnaire as well as your hair photos, you will have a quick phone consult with me or one of my teammates. Here we will give you a quote for what you are wanting as well as maintenance pricing. If you're ready to move forward, we will take a $500 non refundable deposit to schedule your appointment and hold your time slot.

Next, its hair day! One of my favorite days. I love new hair days for my guests, new and existing. The energy is high. You may feel a little (or a lot) nervous, but don't be. I do this all day. I will never let you leave with something I'm not 100% proud of. I know change can be scary but this change will bring out a confident, sexy side of you you may have forgotten existed.

So, we will do a quick consult in person in the chair again, just to make sure we're still on the same page and nothing has changed with the look you're wanting. I will snap a few before photos of your hair. We will start the coloring process. My right hand girl, Cassidy, will most likely be assisting in applying your foils or hair color. Once we're finished applying color to your hair, we will custom color the extension hair to match you, so everything we have done to your hair we will essentially mimic on the extension hair. We never take extensions out of the bag and place them on your hair. It’s never “that’s good enough” we’re perfectionists. This gives us a seamless blend like YASSS KWEEN! We will finish the rest of your color in the shampoo bowl, applying your glaze or shadow root or whatever else we need to perfect the look.

Then we start the NBR process. I lay a track with beads and string in your hair. The placement depends on where you part your hair, as well as how dense you are. I am able to go pretty high up to fill in those sides around your face without the beads showing (one thing I love about NBRS). NBRs require minimal attachment points. This means they are the perfect extension for fine or thin hair. Once your row is beaded, I will clip the wefts in place. Sometimes I play around with color placement here, to make sure I have the best blend. We will try a few variations of colors and once I'm satisfied I will stitch the wefts in place.

We will repeat the same process and do more rows if necessary. Now, sometimes this part is scary. You've just invested all this money and looking in the mirror at your newly sewn in extensions, you think you made a mistake. It totally looks fake. Don't fret. We are not done. The cut is just as important to the blend as the color is. I will stand you up and have you face me. I start layering the extensions into your hair, and cutting a shape into the extensions. It is a lot of you turning back and forth, side to side, me checking, slicing, refining, carving until I'm happy with the shape.

We finish with your style, which is usually a messy, textured wave. I'll show you how I like to style the hair as well as go over aftercare and products. We finish with your after photos and sometimes a hug :) Happy tears have definitely been shed in my small studio.

I have layed out new client investment costs.This is pricing for an 18" new install for the following amount of rows. A new install includes your color, custom color of the extensions, the hair, cut and style, as well as a product bag of necessary products to maintain your NBRs at home. The cost includes your $500 non refundable deposit.

1 row install: $1150

1.5 row install: $1350

2 row install: $1450

2.5 row install: $1650

3 row install: $1750

For 22" new installs:

1 row install: $1250

1.5 row install: $1500

2 row install: $1625

2.5 row install: $1875

3 row install: $2025

*There may be additional fees for lengths longer than 22”

NBR maintenance

NBR extensions must be moved up every 6-8 weeks. If you go longer than the recommended 8 weeks, you assume all responsibility for any damage or pulling that could happen to your hair. I also recommend that extension hair be replaced every 6 months. Some clients choose to replace a few pieces sooner than that, while other clients are able to go longer. I am able to take your rows apart and take out any old or thin pieces and replace them with newer pieces if you're wanting a refresh but not wanting all new hair. This also helps the hair to last longer. Your extension hair's longevity all depends on how often we color the extension hair and how well you take care of it, as well as the product you use. This is why you are sent home with a product bag of what I recommend at your first appointment, to ensure your extensions last as long as possible.

Maintenance pricing, (this does not include any coloring):

1 row move up: $175

1.5 row move up: $275

2 row move up: $300

2.5 row move up: $375

3 row move up: $400

If you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming your own #hairgoals fill out my application here.

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