• Amy

Winter Skin

Ooookay. So its currently -9° outside (for those of you not living in the Midwest, I’m not being sarcastic) and I have total cabin fever.

My Husband and my son are both sick with a cold. It’s that time of year where even though our humidifier is running 24/7 my skin is totally dull and dry.

I am not a skin care pro. I have average skin, not oily, not very sensitive, but definitely on the dry side in the winter. I get the occasional pimple around the time of my cycle, but mostly I struggle with dullness.

This morning I put my makeup on (despite having no intentions of leaving our apartment) and half way through my face just looked so dry and cakey and horrible. So I decided it was time for some Skin TLC.

I'd love to go get a facial today but the mom guilt has me staying in with my sickies.

Let me break down my solution for dull and dry skin.

(can't decide if I look glowy or constipated)