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How often do I have to get a move up?

Clients with thinner hair are usually in the 6 week range, while clients with more density can go closer to 8 weeks.

Do I have to have my color done every time I get a move up?

 Of course not! If low maintenance color is your jam, we can definitely stretch it! If you don't need highlights or color, your stylist may recommend a toner or glaze to correct any fading or brassiness on your natural hair and extension hair

Can I wash my extensions like normal?

First, you want to make sure youre shampooing with the pads of your fingers, rather than your fingernails. Also, make sure you are shampooing all the way up to where the row is attached and in between the rows if you wear more than one. And be careful not to be too rough. Expect it to feel a little heavy the very first time you get your extensions wet in the shower, but we promise, they’re secure.

How long does extension hair last?

Extension hair lasts on average 6-9 months depending on how frequently you heat style, and if you use oil and heat protection. As the extensions age, they experience regular wear just like our hair does. To keep your extensions looking full and fresh, we recommend replacing wefts that have experienced excessive wear with new pieces (4 minimum). This is typically more cost effective than purchasing all new hair. 14” weft - $100, 18" individual weft - $140. 22" individual weft - $180

If I need my greys touched up or hair toned before my move up, can I have that done with my extensions in?

Yes, we can touch up your color, or tone your natural hair and extensions with the extension hair in.

Can I swim in extensions?

You can, but chlorine and salt water are very drying on your both your natural hair and extension hair. We recommend wetting your hair with non chlorinated water first then applying a detangler or conditioner if you plan to be actively swimming.

Can I lighten my extensions or darken them if I decide to change up my color in the future?

Extensions can be lowlighted or toned, to be made darker or reflect a different shade, but they cannot be highlighted like our natural hair can. If you are wanting to go lighter, than your current extension hair, you will need to purchase new pieces.

Can I let my extensions air dry?

If the tops of the extension wefts are left wet for prolonged periods of time, it weakens the knots on the wefts. This can result in excessive swelling, matting, or fraying of the extensions. If you’re in a rush, dry the top 2 inches of the wefts fully, and you can let the ends air dry.

What sort of texture do the extensions air dry?

Our regularly stocked extension hair will dry with the slightest of wave, just a step past straight, unless you special request curly extension hair.

Can I wear my hair up in a ponytail, and workout like normal?

Absolutely, get those gainz girl! Just be careful your ponytail isnt so tight, that it pulls on those front sections of the wefts. We find either a low pony, or super high pony is easiest. When doing a high pony, flip your head upside down, so the wefts are flipped up but laying flat against your head for best results!

Can I use any type of shampoo and conditioner?

We love kevin murphy, k18, and leaf and flower when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, but if you have a brand you currently love, make sure its sulfate free, paraben free, and moisturizing. We find olaplex is a little too heavy. You also want to avoid and shampoos with protein in them, as they can actually make the extension hair brittle overtime. If you’re not sure, bring a picture of what you’re currently using to run by your stylist. We want to make sure youre protecting your investment.

If i have curly hair, can i get curly extensions to match my natural texture?

Yes! We dont stock curly hair, because theres such a wide range of textures, but we can special order it for you. It takes about a week. If you have curly hair and would like to match your texture, we need to see your photos of your hair in its naturally dried state, not flat ironed.

Can I wear my extensions straight?

For sure. We always cut and blend layers and movement into the hair, but you probably don't see a lot of after photos with straight hair because most of our guests prefer to leave curled. If you have super dense hair, with a blunt cut, we may need to texturize or soften the blunt line in your natural hair with some soft layering to help eliminate any weight lines.

Are they difficult to hide?

Because we custom color all of the hair, the root of the extension hair will match your natural root shade as close as we can formulate. The rows themselves lay really flat, and the beads we use are concealed in between extension hair, literally making it as seamless as possible and effortless to hide. If during your growout, you feel like anything is peaking through, we can absolutely re-asses your placement at your move-up.

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