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Amy Nedderman-Schroder

Amy Nedderman

salon owner/stylist
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Attended Premier College of Cosmetology
in South Bend, IN
How long have you been behind the chair... 
Since 2012
A South Bend native who once had dreams to travel the states like a gypsy in a Volkswagon Van, Amy ended up finding a little more stability and routine in the beauty industry where she could let her artistry and problem solving skills thrive.
Amy is a single mom with two Marvel obsessed boys, Redford and Crosby. When she’s not at work, she’s breaking up living room wrestling matches, driving to one of their sports practices, or stuck being the villain during action figure-play. Despite all the superhero talk, Amy is obsessed with the Hair industry. 

Amy is an enneagram 8. She has no problem talking to new people in the comfort of her salon, but outside of work, she’s actually more introverted. Amy loves helping other women, from her team, to the clients in her chair. She is a problem solver who has a tendency to speak without a filter, and is unapologetically authentic.
Schedule: Monday - Friday, 10-6

Some of Amy's work...

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