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ANhair Stylists range from Level 1, 2, 3, and Owner pricing based on their knowledge and experience and their pricing is reflected with each Level. For Level pricing info please click on the link in your Stylist's profile page. 
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What is lived in color?

Lived in color is a more natural and lower maintenance approach to haircolor. We utilize specific application techniques for a softer growout. This is super customizable from client to client, and we love how it gives you more time between full color appointments, while still loving the way your color looks even weeks (or months!) after your appointment.

Lived in color means less frequent full color appointments, smaller maintenance appointments, and more time loving your hair and living your life!


signature color

All Over Color

Solid color from roots

to ends - 2.5 Hour Reservation

signature color

Shadow & Tone

A maintenance appointment for melting your natural color into any grown out highlights. No foils or highlights at this appointment, just a shadow root and an all over gloss to enhance your desired highlight tone or neutralize any brassiness. Includes blowdry and style - 90 Minute Reservation

Standard Looks

signature color

Gray Coverage

Straight to the point, lets cover those greys! a base color retouch applied to your newgrowth. Includes a blowdry and style -

2 Hour Reservation

signature color

Bombshell Refresh

When you’re keeping it low maintenance and dimensional, but need a little freshening up. Includes lived in highlights to maintain depth through the root, lowlight refinement, shadow root, all over gloss, olaplex, blow dry and style - 3 Hour Reservation

signature color

Face Frame

When you want to feel bright, but short on time, a highlight touch up around the hairline to bring brightness to your face.....Hello money piece! Includes all over gloss, olaplex, blow dry and style - 2.5 Hour Reservation

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Glow Up Refresh

Blonding maintenance for the in between, when you’re blonde at heart but your roots say otherwise. Bringing brightness back up through the crown and around your hairline, includes a shadow root, all over gloss, olaplex, blow dry and style -

3 Hour Reservation

Signature Looks

signature color

Full Bombshell

The ultimate blend, when you’re ready to transition to an all-over lower maintenance color. Includes highlights and lowlights, blurring of any old foil lines, shadow root or colormelt, all over gloss, olaplex, blow dry and style- ideal for first time ANhair guests or larger color transformations -

3.5 Hour Reservation

signature color

Full Glow-Up

We get it, you want to be bright. Includes a full head of foils, brightening of your ends, minimal shadow root if any, an all over gloss, olaplex, blow dry and style. Ideal for first time ANhair guests or larger color transformations -

4 Hour Reservation

Haircut - $32+


Extra Color/Gloss - $20 *


Treatment - $30+


*All of our color packages include a gloss, but for very long or full hair requiring extra color there may be an additional $20 gloss charge

Haircut - $65+


Keratin Treatment - $200+

(above the shoulders)


Keratin Treatment - $250+

(shoulder length or longer)


Happy Hour (blow dry/style) - $65+

Add On's

A La Carte

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