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Savannah Mullet

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Attended Vogue Beauty College
in Elkhart, IN
How long have you been behind the chair... 
Since 2019
Favorite Service... providing lived in color for whatever your maintenance needs may be, could be six weeks or six months. I want to have your hair looking gorgeous from the time you leave to the time you return.
What inspires me as a stylist... I love all things natural glam. Soft, while making a statement.
Outside of the salon I love to... go to the gym, play with my dog and enjoy the newlywed life.
Enneagram 2 - Twos are defined by their desire to belong and to be loved by others. They are helpful, nurturing and caring towards others. They are eager to involve themselves in others' lives. Twos rarely say no when others ask them for help, and want to prove value to others by always being there for them.
Mon-Thurs 9:30-5

Some of Savannah's work...

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